Swimming Pools

In-ground Pool Installation

We offer both traditional gunite (concrete) pools and fiberglass pools. Our design team can help you select which is best for you.

Gunite Pools

Concrete pools are the traditional style in-ground pool.

  • Pro: Design is unlimited. This is the biggest selling point of gunite pools.
  • Con: Slow installation. A gunite pool project will take several months.
  • Con: Expensive. Installation is more expensive, and maintenance is required as concrete decays over time.

Fiberglass Pools

We specialize in fiberglass pool installation, and are the Central Virginia representative for Viking Pools.

  • Pro: Very quick installation. A typical project can have the pool installed in days, with the surrounding hardscaping done in a couple weeks.
  • Pro: Relatively inexpensive installation. Little future maintenance and repair cost, and a lifetime warranty.
  • Con: Choice is limited to pre-fabricated designs. This is not a huge issue (Viking alone offers 92 options), but clients with deep or specifically-shaped pools in mind will likely need gunite.

If you want to do some research on your own, the links here and here are discussions of the comparative benefits of each type of pool.

We love pool projects! Watch an entire in-ground gunite pool installation below: